Video Conferencing & Virtual Classrooms

Our Virtual Teaching Platform can integrate into your current LMS and is browser-based and works on all operating systems and devices. No IT skills, installation, or setup are necessary. We make webinars and meetings simple to organize, run, and join, and our features help you before, during, and after your session.

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ictCloud Online Backup

Back up Windows Desktop, Windows Server, MS SQL Server and MS Exchange to the cloud storage of your choice. 256-bit AES Encryption Encrypt backups with up to 256-bit strong keys on the source side. All data sent to the cloud is also encrypted using the SSL protocols to protect while it is in transit.

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ictCloud Backup Software

Once the software is running, it automatically – and securely – copies your files to one of our cloud storage datacenters. Even as you’re working on them, ictCloud Backup works quietly in the background to capture any changes you make.
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Video Conference with Integrated Virtual Classrooms



Record and Playback

ictCloud Conference can record your sessions for later playback by students.


Users of Chrome and FireFox browsers will benefit from high-quality, low-latency WebRTC audio.


Students can raise hand and use emoji icons for feedback.

Live Captioning

You can enter live captions for students. These captions will later appear as subtitles in recordings.


The whiteboard controls let you annotate key parts of your presentation.


You can upload any PDF presentation or MS office document. BigBlueButton keeps everyone in sync with your current slide, zoom, pan, annotations, and mouse pointer.


You can poll students anytime to increase engagement.

Breakout Rooms

You can group and place students into breakout rooms (full sessions) for give number of minutes for increased collaboration.

Screen Sharing

You can broadcast your desktop for all users to see.


Multiple users can share their webcam at the same time. There is no built-in limit on the number of simultaneously active webcams.


You can interact with students through public and private chat.

Screen Reader

Students with visual disabilities can use JAWS screen reader to interact with BigBlueButton.

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